My Secret to My Cool Vibe

I don’t remember how it came up in conversation with one of my gal pals, but recently I was told that I had a “cool vibe”. To say that I instantly objected to such a thought is an understatement. And of course, the biggest objection could be heard coming from my own self.

My head is still stuck in the 70’s where all I wanted to be was Brenda Parson (I changed her name here on the off chance that someone from my high school thinks that what I have to say here is is cool enough for them to be reading and they would know who that is.)

It was primarily the clothes. “Plain Pockets” by JC Penneys. The ad said the big difference was the pocket and the price. (I found it on YouTube - hilarious!)

But really the big difference was that one of them made you cool and one didn’t. Duh. I would have done anything to have been able to wear Calvin Klein jeans.

Stephanie motorcycle mirror-1.jpg

I wish I would have known that it is really all in how you wear it. Just believe you’re cool and you’re cool! However, that point was hopelessly lost on me back then. Nowadays my secret is this: Just do it a little different, whatever “it” is. Switch it up just a little bit. Denim combined with denim is just meh. But wear a denim jacket with black pants, and now it’s cool!

My cool vibe might explain why I’m drawn to a new avenue in my business.

I want to show you how cool you are, I want to create cool, kick-ass, I-don’t-have-to-be-a-model images of my clients that reflect back to them that they are worth looking at, worth listening to, and that they are, you know….cool.