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What kind of images do you need? Are you looking to update your social media, your business cards, or your website?


All of the above? 


Who would you like to be photographed with? Have you ever had a beautiful portrait taken with your mother? Father? Sister? Brother? Girlfriend?


I'm Liz Barlak and I'm a Portrait Photographer. 

I want to take your photograph. I want to blow your mind and take the best photograph of you that you have ever seen. I will coach you, I will pose you, I will direct you every step of the way for you to feel confident, strong, and beautiful. Get your power back, get your mo-jo back, change how you see yourself and everything changes.

Call me today 818-263-2844. 

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My superpower is being able to create a photoshoot for you that helps you see yourself in a totally new way. You'll have the images you thought you would get - and then you'll see more because there really is more of you to see!


I hear it all the time: "Liz has a gift." My gift is to show you with photographs of you that you're an amazing person - today. Not when circumstances are perfect. But today. And this happens all while you're relaxed and having fun in front of my camera.

call me today 818 263 2844

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