My Weakness Is Now My Strength

Kick-ass makeup artist Mimica

Kick-ass makeup artist Mimica

I love this photo of kick-ass makeup artist Mimica. She’s always been a constant reminder to me of my worth. Do you have friends like that?

I don’t know where I picked it up, the self-loathing that I’ve had to deal with my whole life. Let me take my parents off the hook right now. I know they loved me, I know they continue to love me, and it’s not their fault.

I interpreted all kinds of messages when I was younger and those interpretations haunt me still.I’m tired of it.

It’s heavy this burden.

I want it to be gone. I wonder what I’m like without it. I’ve prayed and asked for wisdom,
I’ve read countless books,
been to seminars,
watched videos,
and even listened to various authors and speakers.

Some of that has been more helpful than others, and I end up rereading my favorites.

Why? Why do I feel this way, and better yet, how do I change it?

This is how.

My weakness has turned into my strength by teaching and showing others about self-love. Now it all makes sense.

This is the photography I really want to do. I can show you that you are not the person that you hate;

I can show you a beautiful person, a fun person, a sweet and kind person, someone that I see through my lens.

I can show you a kick-ass friend, a rock star, a super woman, a survivor. I can show you a sexy woman, an elegant classy woman, a warrior.

Do it for you.

Come to my studio and see what I’m all about. You’ll leave with images you can share, or give away or whatever. But mostly, you’ll have them for you. And you’ll be modeling good self-care for some little girl out there who needs to see that in you.