"You Have Life"


Waiting for jury duty is not exactly where I thought I’d be inspired. There I was, on New Year’s Eve on my 60th birthday, sitting through juror orientation. It’s pretty simple stuff; enter your name here, fill it out in blue or black ink, same ole same ole

After the first “juror city employee lady” came out and explained some stuff, and after a random judge came in and thanked us for being there (that was nice), “juror city employee lady” #2 came out. She picked up the mic, and looked at all of us and said “good morning ladies and gentlemen”.

We mumbled back “good morning”. And that’s when the inspiration in a few simples words was said by this city employee. (Maybe she had said it a few times before.)

In a very loud and spirited voice she said “Ladies and Gentleman YOU HAVE LIFE!”. You woke up this morning - many people did not. YOU HAVE LIFE! Our armed services are working around the globe to protect your life…YOU HAVE LIFE! So, I want to say to you again: Ladies and Gentlemen Good Morning!”

We all sat up a little taller and with more conviction responded back to her GOOD MORNING!


Oh how she impacted me. I didn’t want to be there. Don’t get me wrong, Jury Duty is really not that bad. In fact I find it very interesting. I like giving my opinion and answering the judge’s questions. I met 2 other nice women and we bonded over lunch. But, still, I didn’t want to be there. Not on that day. And yet hearing her say YOU HAVE LIFE with a little twinkle in her eye, she moved me. I do have life and every day should be celebrated, played out in full, whether it’s in a Los Angeles Courtroom where I’d rather not have been, or anywhere else.


I believe life should be celebrated and having a photo session is part of that celebration. Capturing all the different sides of you, all of your life is my way of honoring you and yours. I invite you and challenge you to contact me. Let’s talk about your life.