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“Were the photos for him?  Originally, yes.  But now they are for ME.  They are a reminder of the beauty others see in me, of the woman I am becoming, every day, as I continue to mature and nurture myself.  I’ve come a long way in my almost-64 years.”- Gail S.

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“This was a liberating experience. I especially appreciated your natural ability to put me at ease.I felt strong and beautiful. And ready to go out and purchase my own hoop earrings!!( (which I did by the way).” - R. Hickernell


“My experience with you was fun and easy, even though it’s hard for me to have a serious face! Your personality is what makes a photography session with you so upbeat, comfortable, and a moment in time I’ll never forget. Your studio exudes warmth and a welcoming presence that is so appreciated. It doesn’t get any better than this! I was and am so pleased and in awe of your artistry!” - Theresa Parkening

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“I felt several different emotions, but I remember seeing one picture and I honestly scared myself at how strong the woman in the photo appeared. That was ME!”

What made me choose as my photographer?

“The valued recommendation of a trusted friend. I also had a very good conversation with you that validated a lot of what I wanted going forward with the photos we were going to take.It was such a great experience... truly a growing experience, one that I did not expect from a personal angle.” Cynthia E.