Create a Memory of Feeling Beautiful Together

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Sandy and her Mother, Sue

Imagine: Both of you in the makeup chair, being taken care of and sharing in the fun and the joy of being a woman. From there you move to the wardrobe room where we style you and make sure every detail is just right.  I will pose you and direct you and encourage you so that you'll only have one thing left to do: remember who she is.


I help you and your mother create a memory of feeling beautiful together. You'll hold this day in your heart forever as you look back at your images and video of your experience. My sessions are designed such that you each will remember the beauty you are and you will see her in a way that maybe you never had before.

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Lisa, and her daughters Lia and Shea


Zoe and her Mother, Kelle


Someday never comes. Don't wait. Come - feel beautiful together.