I'm Liz Barlak and I'm a Portrait Photographer. Who I am is someone who has been given the gift of seeing you in a way that you haven't seen in quite a while, or maybe even ever.  I'm able to help you relax and feel confident in who you are. Maybe it’s because I'm in love with what I do. I capture those sides of you and show them back to you. That's who I am. 

After 20 years in sales and recruiting, I am living part two as the artist I was born to be. Creating beautiful images brings me more joy than ever imagined. 

I've been married for 30 years and I have a 20+year old son. I've lived in Southern California (Burbank) for a very long time, but I still call Wisconsin home. 

I want you to feel very comfortable getting your picture taken, but, for most people, that's right up there with public speaking. I'm going to work really hard to make sure you are having fun in front of my camera. I consider it an honor that you would allow me to help you see the beauty you are.