What is perfect?

It’s not perfect and I don’t care. Because it is perfect.

It’s perfect because I love it.
It’s perfect because my client loved it.

Will it win any awards? Nope. The hair in the face is all wrong.

But we didn’t care! (Insert laughter!)

Because it made us feel something when we looked at it.
It told a story (the best images do!) and we couldn’t stop looking at it.

I have a vocal rehearsal tape from a voice lesson over 10 years ago.
In the lesson, I’m being instructed on my way of singing a certain exercise and I’m being coached on how to do it more effectively.

We then move on to another vocal exercise, and after about 2 seconds in my teacher stops, and loudly proclaims “Don’t be judging!”.

My face must have been giving it away. I was judging myself - and I‘m sure it wasn’t good!

Here’s the thing: 10 years later at that point in the tape when I’m rehearsing today, it still catches me. I still need to hear it because, right then and there, in present time, I’m judging myself - and I hear him loudly proclaim “Don’t be judging!” 10 years later, still judging.

Less judging.
More compassion.
More forgiveness.
More self love.

To you and yours.

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